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Dry Storage

Optimal Dry Inventory Management

With superior insulation provided by our top-of-the-line panels, these coolers offer exceptional temperature and humidity control, ensuring the longevity and quality of your stored items. The spacious interiors, customizable shelving, and sturdy construction of our Dry Storage Coolers make organization effortless and provide ample space for a variety of dry goods. Upgrade your storage capabilities with Southwest Insulated Panels’ Dry Storage Coolers and experience unrivaled freshness and efficiency in preserving your valuable inventory.

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Featuring spacious interiors, adjustable shelving, and durable construction, our Dry Storage Coolers provide ample space and organization for a variety of dry goods, from pantry staples to non-perishable food items. These coolers offer the perfect balance of functionality and convenience, ensuring your products stay in optimal condition.

Standard Specifications



The walk-in coolers and/or freezers specified under this portion of the specifications shall be manufactured by Southwest Insulated Panels, LLC. The walk-in shall be designed and constructed to allow fast and easy field assembly, disassembly, relocation and enlargement of the unit by the addition of like modular panels.

Panel Construction:

All panels shall consist of metal pans, finish to be as specified, formed to precise dimensions. Insulation shall be "Foamed-In-Place" urethane bonding permanently to the complete inner surfaces of both interior and exterior metal pans to form a strong rigid panel. Each panel shall be 100% urethane foam insulation exclusive of metal pans. Panels shall not have non-insulating members like wood or metal support straps. Perimeter structure shall be formed with high-density urethane rail insulation forming strong tongues and grooves to assure airtight and vapor proof joints and to prevent pre-installation damage and deterioration of exposed urethane surfaces.

Standard wall panels shall be made in 46", 34-1/2", 23", and 11-1/2" widths. Standard ceiling panels shall be made in 46", 35", 34-1/2", 23", 23-1/2",and 11-1/2" widths. Standard floor panels shall be made in 46", 35", 34-1/2",23",23-l/2", and 11-1/2" widths. All panels shall be interchangeable with like panels for fast and easy field assembly.
Standard height with floor is 7' 6", 8' 6", 9' 6", or continue in 12" increments.

Standard height without floor is 7' 2", 8' 2", 9' 2", or continue in 12" increments.

Floor Construction: (Select One)

  • With Floor Type: Floor finish to be .080-.100 Smooth Aluminum. Floor panels shall be fabricated similar to other panels and designed to withstand uniformly distributed stationary loads of 600 lbs. per square foot. Floor (wiU / wiU not) be covered by tile wearing floor or concrete wearing floor. Floor (will/ will not) be recessed. (Wearing floor and/or insulated slab is highly recommended for rolling cart traffic.)
  • Less Floor Type: To strengthen the walk-in unit, wall panels shall be designed without the need for vinyl screeds or foamed screeds. Vinyl coved base and/or metal coved base shall be used for anchoring wall panels to building floor.


Insulation shall be 4" thick 100% rigid urethane. 2.2 lb. density urethane foam is foamed-in-place to bond to the inner surfaces of the metal pans. The R value is to be 32. The urethane insulation shall be a Class 1 urethane core when tested in a thickness of 4" per ASTM E-84 (U.L. Procedure 723), has a flame spread of less than 25, and smoke developed of less than 450.

Metal Finishes:

  • Exterior walls shall be (select one of the following): 26-Gauge Stucco Embossed Galv.
    .032 Stucco Embossed Aluminum
    .040 Stucco Embossed Aluminum
    24-Gauge Stainless Steel (Polished T304 #3 Finish)
    26-Gauge White Baked-on Enamel/Stucco Embossed Galvanized
    .032 White Baked-on Enamel/Stucco Embossed Aluminum
  • Interior walls shall be(select one of the following): 26-Gauge Stucco Embossed Galv.
    .032 Stucco Embossed Aluminum
    .040 Stucco Embossed Aluminum
    24-Gauge Stainless Steel (Polished T304 #3 Finish)
    26-Gauge White Baked-on Enamel/Stucco Embossed Galvanized
    .032 White Baked-on Enamel/Stucco Embossed Aluminum
  • Interior floor shall be (select one of the following):
    .080- .100 Smooth Aluminum
    .100 Aluminum Diamond Tread 16-Gauge Stainless Steel (T304)
    Insulated Concrete Slab (Provided by General Contractor)
    No Floor (None)

Panel Locking Assemblies:

Assembly of tbe walk-in shall be accomplished by earn-action panel fasteners (Cam-Locks) consisting of a cam-action hook arm assembly set in one panel (male joint) and a self-aligning, self centering, pin assembly set in the matching panel (female joint). Counter clock-wise rotation of the cam-action hook arm shall pull and lock panels together to form an airtight, vapor proof seal. Counter clock-wise rotation of the cam locks shall be operated from inside the walk-in through access ports that are later sealed with vinyl snap-in hole covers. No metal straps or connecting rods shall be used inside the panels for assembly.

Panel Gaskets:

Double beaded N.S.F. approved gaskets shall be used on both the interior and exterior of all panels. These gaskets must be located at all male sides of panels. Gaskets shall be impervious to stains, grease, oils, mildew, sunlight, etc.

Entrance Doors and Frames:

Each walk-in shall be equipped with a standard 34" x 76" flush mounted, hinged-type entrance door(s) and shall be mounted in a standard 46" panel (door) section frame. All components used in the door and door section are to be U.L. and N.S.F. approved.

  • Door(s) shall be equipped with minimal plastic to prevent cracking and warping. A one-piece, N.S.F. approved removable type gasket with magnetic core shall be located at the top and along the side perimeter of the door. An adjustable wiper gasket shall be mounted along the bottom edge of the door.
  • N.S.F. approved pull handle/latch shall be supplied with cylinder lock and inside safety release so the door can be opened from the inside even if locked. A spring loaded door closer shall be included to ensure positive closing of the door. The latch and door closer shall have a highly polished chrome finish. N.S.F. approved hinges shall be cam-lift, self-closing design with door lift off capability. The hinges shall have a highly polished chrome finish.
  • Door section frame is to be supplied without plastic jams to prevent cart damage, cracking, and warping. Internally the door section frame shall be made with heavy reinforced 16-14 Gauge welded steel. An armored, fused anti-sweat heater cable shall be ran the full perimeter of the door opening including under the threshold (Freezer Application). Heavy gauge stainless steel heater trim will cover the heater. This heater trim shall be removable for easy access to the heater cable.
  • Door section(s) shall include one toggle light switch with pilot light mounted on the exterior side of the door section. An incandescent vapor proof light fixture shall be mounted on the interior side of the door frame for 115V/60/1 phase electrical service. Electrical wiring shall be concealed internally in rigid conduit. All electrical components are to be U.L. approved.
  • A 2" flush mounted, chrome digital thermometer shall be provided on the exterior of the door section(s) to provide temperature readings of -40 degrees F to +65 degrees F.

View Port Window(s):

Vu-Port windows are available to provide a view in and out of the walk-in door. Windows available are 14" x 14" or 14" x 24". Heated tempered safety glass and heated frames shall be used to prevent frost formation, condensation, and fog.

Partition Walls (Panels):

Partition walls (panels) shall be used to provided thermal breaker between adjacent compartments. These panels are to be constructed similar to Panel Construction previously stated. Finish to be as specified.

Interior & Exterior Ramp(s):

To accommodate light duty roll-in traffic, interior and exterior N.S.F. approved ramps are available for walk-ins that have a floor. Ramps shall have non-skid strips for safety and threshold shall be equipped with a anti-sweat heater cable for freezer applications.

Membrane Roof:

Outdoor walk-ins can be protected from weather with EPDM mule hide fabric.

Rain Shield & Weather Proof Switch:

Doors on walk-ins that are installed outdoors can be protected from the weather by installing a rain shield over the door and by providing a weather proof light switch. This helps prevent water damage.

Outside Locking Bar:

A locking bar with inside safety release provides additional security.

Temperature AJarm:

Audio-visual temperature alarm can be provided to help monitor the temperature inside the walk-in. The alarm is activated if the temperature reaches outside it's set boundaries. The boundaries can be manually set to the desired temperature.

Trim Strips and Enclosures:

Joints between the walk-in walls and building walls including the ceiling can be closed and finished with trim strips and enclosures. Various shapes, sizes, and finishes will need to be specified.

Kick Plates:

Aluminum Diamond Tread Kick Plates on the interior and/or exterior of the walk-in doors can be provided when excessive traffic of carts, mobile shelving, and hand trucks are to be used.


Panels shall be covered by a Ten-Year (10 yr.) Limited Factory Bond Warranty. All other parts of the walk-in, excluding the refrigeration, shall be covered by a One-Year (1 yr.)Parts Warranty and a Ninety­ Day (90 day) Labor Warranty.

Refrigeration System(s):

The wa1k-in cooler and/or freezer component(s) shall be supplied with a Remote, Pre-Assembled Remote or a Pre-Charged Remote unit with Evaporators sized to match the BTU output of the unit. There is a self­ contained top mount or side mount available. All available for indoor or outdoor applications.

Refrigeration System(s) Warranty:

The refrigeration system shall be covered by a One-Year (1 yr.) Parts Warranty and a Ninety-Day (90 day) Labor Warranty.

Extended Refrigeration Compressor Warranty:

A Four-Year (4 yr.)Extended Compressor Warranty shall be included (No Labor).

NSF Construction:

The walk-in and refrigeration system(s) shall be constructed in accordance with the National Sanitation Foundation, Standard No.7. The NSF approval seal shall be affixed to the serial number plate of the walk­ m.

Walk-in Installation:

Installation shall be done by a factory approved installer.

Refrigeration Installation:

Refrigeration installation shall be done by a licensed and certified installer.

Electrical Installation:

Electrical installation shall be done by a licensed and certified installer.